About Us

Rapid Scaffolding Ltd scaffolding services are designed to suit individuals, self-builders and building contractors.

Rapid Scaffolding Ltd is a flexible and reliable scaffolding company working mainly in the Devon, Cornwall and Somerset areas. We provide professional scaffolds for a variety of commercial premises including retail, office blocks, pubs, restaurants and industrial structures.

The erection and dismantling of domestic scaffolding is completed by fully trained staff that is committed to the safety of everyone that resides on or in the premises. Safe systems of work and preventative measures are implemented to ensure foreseeable hazards are avoided and the risk of accidents is at a minimum.

Whether you need to reach difficult areas such as a chimney or need to replace gutters, soffits and fascia our residential and domestic scaffold team is the ideal solution. Designed to suit your requirements and pockets our helpful and professional staff are on hand every step of the way in order to provide you with support and assistance.
Rapid Scaffolding Ltd makes every effort to minimise the impact of our domestic scaffolding on the environment, taking care to minimise the creation of dust and debris.

Industrial scaffolding demands competent and reliable scaffold services from a trustworthy, experienced and professional scaffold hire company. We have years of experience across a wide variety of projects including commercial and industrial scaffolding for a range of different premises.

Rapid Scaffolding Ltd provides a complete end to end service, including pre-tender work and assisting in identifying your requirements.

Rapid Scaffolding Ltd

Here at Rapid Scaffolding Ltd we believe in a “what you see is what you get policy” with regards to all of our work.

This is why we have managed to achieve a successful stream of recommendations and referrals from customers within the Southwest area and beyond.

We always offer our customers a free no obligation quote prior to any work taking place. This is to ensure that the client is completely happy with the services offered by our trained technicians.